CASE STUDY - Johnny Broker


REAL STORY – Names have been changed .

Johnny has had a nice career in his 5 years in Real Estate. He has worked hard to get his name out there and has had 4 solid years. The current year just isn’t going as well, so he thought NEW HOME SALES would be a better situation.

Sitting in a model home, while the buyers come to you, sounds easy and much less demanding than chasing buyers all day, listing properties and hoping deals come together.

Johnny has had 5 years of experience now, multiple hours of CE courses and even training in farming leads via multiple avenues. 

Johnny also represented a buyer at Los Alamos Estate , a new home community, so he knows the process. 

Johnny submitted resumes to multiple builders and got 1 interview. 

During the interview Johnny was asked if he even sold a New Home? Johnny was asked other questions using some basic terminology used in New Home Sales. Johnny was asked if he was ready to work New Home Sales hours. He didn’t know they meant every weekend. 

Johnny described some of the training he had gone through at his current firm and none of it really applied to New Home Sales.

Johnny left the interview, never to hear from that builder, or any of the builders he contacted.

Johnny came to Hyland Bay to get some real life experience of working on a New Home Sales floor and to get REAL SALES TRAINING. Teaching an agent how to SELL in the NEW HOME SALES UNLIMITED workshop.

Johnny went to the proper training and acquired the experience he needed. Johnny then went back to the same company he met with 6 months previous and he was offered a NEW HOME SALES position. Johnny not only obtained the position, but utilizing his training to sell homes and create a great caree!