It was December of 2015 and Michelle just finished her pre licensing courses with the Arizona School of Real Estate.

Michelle was considering New Home Sales instead of ReSale, but just wasn’t sure as she didn’t know where to start to get into New Home Sales.  

She then found HYLAND BAY.

Hyland Bay provided a clear path of training, experience and assistance in placing her with a builder to get her career started.

Michelle registered for the NEW HOME SALES UNLIMITED training class with Hyland Bay and with hesitancy walked into the class on Day 1.

Michelle had never worked in real estate and had a day job at Bloomingdales. She worked at the cosmetics counter and even walking into this workshop was out of her comfort zone. She found a seat in the back and sat among the 20 people she would be sharing a room with for the next 3 days.

Over the next 3 days she came out of her shell. She led conversations , became a focal point of the room and in the end win a TOP GUN AWARD. 

Michelle is now a recognized Top New Home Sales Counselor in Arizona and it just shows you that anyone can do it….even you!




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