Did New Home Sales people just get Lazy?

Was it the fact we didn’t really have a house to sell due to low inventory and lost motivation?


Not Trained Well?

Whichever you choose, the Greeting has become a lost art in the New Home Sales world. (It does not an ARTEEST, to get up and say hello)

From 100% being ignored, to the lean back in the chair to see who came in, the lack of any effort to sell the product has become acceptable to some.

In recent weeks some builders have made a concerted effort to make sure they can offer some inventory, deliverable within a 4-6 month window.

Which means it is time to start selling AGAIN!

Concepts like “Lotteries” and “Good Luck in submitting your highest bid” do nothing but create Buyer Resentment. 

If you are going to even get up and say hello, you just threw fuel on the fire.

Time to get back the basics and WELCOME a Buyer, or someone else will.